Reimagine Arkansas believes that everyone should be able to participate in creating a better future after the pandemic.

Today, Arkansans seem to be united in the uncertainty around the question “What comes next?” Instead of waiting and worrying for the answers, we are travelling (virtually) across the state to listen and learn from under-heard voices about how COVID-19 has impacted their lives and what kind of future they hope will emerge from this time.



Through a partnership with Local Voices Network (LVN), Reimagine Arkansas convenes small group conversations over Zoom to listen safely and deeply during this period of uncertainty, disruption and peak online activity. Each conversation is recorded which enables hosts to play speech snippets from other groups in order to share voices and perspectives across community boundaries. These conversations are archived as part of a national LVN dialogue about COVID 19 and its impact.


We believe listening can be a powerful source of inspiration. To that end, we are engaging creative networks across the state to translate community conversations into visual assets, such as memes, infographics, graphic videos, public art, photography, etc. Individual artists as well as organizational collectives are encouraged to participate.


Conversations that matter should not be confined to transcripts but rather be given the energy and resources to move. Each month, Reimagine Arkansas will release a dynamic collection of “constellation kits,” a spin on the traditional press release, containing audio highlights from each conversation and a variety of inspired, creative collateral. This flexible, ready-to-send content is designed to help journalists, content creators, community leaders and influencers report and distribute the conversations with their respective networks.