Artist Ariel Romero

Artist’s Statement

Arkansas’s prominent immigrant community of essential workers confront many challenges. These designs highlight the difficulties faced by the Marshallese community, as well as immigrant workers in the poultry business. My goal with each artwork is to capture the weight of the words from frontline advocates, educate people on the issues, and promote change toward a brighter future for these Arkansans.

The Marshallese struggle is rooted in an unfamiliar history, which continues to affect their arduous situation. Videos and digital designs highlight the words of Melisa Laelan, a Marshallese community leader, addressing the issues of medicaid and advocating policy change.

Likewise, infographics and quotes from local advocates illustrate the plight of immigrant essential workers in the poultry industry. The poultry industry structure experienced little change during the pandemic, which poses new threats for immigrant workers who are left to choose between their health or their financial well-being.

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