Reimagine Arkansas’ Listening Collaborative

Do you want to learn, engage, and collaborate with advocates working on diverse yet interconnected efforts to reimagine a more fair and just Arkansas?

Are you passionate about creating positive changes in Arkansas so everyone has a real chance to thrive? If so, we invite you to apply to Reimagine Arkansas’ Listening Collaborative.

What is the commitment?

  • 3-5 hours per month
  • Flexibility to engage during nights and weekends or whenever convenient to your schedule
  • Opportunities for 2x/month meet-ups over Zoom to connect “face-to-face” with collaborative members

What are the requirements?

As a participant in the program, your role will be to:

  • Listen: Each month, you will be assigned two audio snippets of fellow Arkansans describing a recent project or effort that they’re involved in.
  • Reflect and Research: Take some time to reflect on what you heard and do your best to research and familiarize yourself with the broader context that the project or effort is couched within: What did you learn? What questions do you have? What does it mean for you and the communities you advocate for that this work is happening? What could you offer by way of support or encouragement to help nurture these efforts?
  • Engage: Record these thoughts, questions and comments using the video or audio recording prompts via the Reimagine Arkansas Portal you’ll be invited to join.

*Additional clips are available and you are encouraged to listen and respond to as many as you’d like. However, you are only required to reflect on and research the two assigned.

Why Join the Collaborative?

  • Connect with passionate activists in various fields.
  • Develop a deeper understanding about diverse and interconnected work happening across the state.
  • Contribute to a more inclusive, just, and joyful Arkansas.

How to apply?

To apply for the Listening Collaborative please fill out the application form below. The deadline for applications is December 31, 2023.

From the application pool, we will select 20 dedicated, curious, and empathetic individuals who are committed to making Arkansas a better place for all. No prior advocacy experience is required.

Join us in this journey towards justice and joy in Arkansas.

    I think my belief is that, we know there's going to be change. We know that we already have changed. I would like to see people who are the ones who have the most to lose and the most to gain from those changes actually having a say at the table to inform the decision making that is inevitably going to happen.

    Sara B. (Fayetteville, AR)LVN Conversation on 5.1.2020