Reimagine Arkansas Seeks New Cohort of Graphic Designers

Over the next few weeks, Reimagine Arkansas will commit $3600 to engage Arkansas-based visual artists and graphic designers in a series of campaigns designed to advance more just and joyful futures in Arkansas.

We are looking for 12 creatives interested in using their design skills for positive, social change on the following topics: faith-based justice movements across the South, efforts to end voter suppression and mass incarceration, and recent initiatives to address economic, racial and educational inequities exacerbated by COVID-19.

Eligible artists will be offered $300 honorariums in exchange for 3 design concepts inspired by the voices and lived experiences of individuals and advocates directly impacted by these issues. Creative briefs and feedback will take place virtually thru Slack and Zoom with quick turnarounds of 7-10 days during the month of July 2021.

We hope you will consider joining a growing collective of artists using their skills and talents to reimagine Arkansas!

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Examples of Recent Designs

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