Kahlief Steele

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Upon listening to the interviews brought up by Reimagine Arkansas, I was captivated by the roles that nurses play in their daily lives. They’re siblings, parents, coworkers, neighbors, yes – but they’re so much more than that. They’re advocates. They’re protectors. They’re allies.

The job of a nurse is often thankless and difficult, and yet, they remain. They existed before the pandemic hit, and they’ll continue existing for centuries to come. I was inspired to showcase nurses as these titans of light – using lines of text in a way that not only connects the graphics together, but links the concept to every nurse that has been and every nurse that is to come.

Through these images, I aim to inspire audiences to change their opinions of nurses and their work. I aim to bring respect and recognition to the 3.8 million Americans and 50 thousand Arkansans that call nursing their career. I aim to introduce some empathy into the equation. Nurses didn’t desire for a pandemic to cripple the globe, but so many faithfully bring their hands, feet, minds and hearts to serve. We desperately need more advocates, protectors, and allies in the world.Through the transcripts, I was inspired to make some impactful pieces but more importantly I was inspired to continue to love, be kind, and cherish moments with loved ones...Oh and to WEAR A MASK!