Artist Sean West

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This year has been a struggle. A struggle for liberty. A struggle to breathe and even a struggle to create.

But as I was once told there is beauty in the struggle. In the struggle, I found growth, I found purpose and I found hope. For many people this time has meant several different things. For some, they were laid off. Some were propelled to turn their tears into action for social justice. Some found death and some found life. For me, I found all of these things. I was laid off but I found liberty in fabricating art. I cried as I witnessed another black man being murdered by those that swear to protect but I found unity as WE ALL stood for equality. The greatest woman that I have ever known passed away and we were not able to see her during her last hours but I discovered peace in knowing that the pains of this world were no longer a burden on her shoulders. I had my first daughter and we named her Grace because it was Grace that saved me during these times. Life is good.

As I listened to the transcripts, I heard compassion and empathy. However, I was driven to the passion of one particular nurse, Michelle, as she talked about equality, hope and the desire to heighten awareness of COVID. She mentioned that most people don't believe or act like it is real until it affects someone that they love. She went on to say that the best thing that she has seen in NWA is the BLM march. To me, it said despite what others may think in regards to wearing a mask or the validity of COVID, the one thing that is clear is that we all care about each other and we all are fighting together for equality.

Through the transcripts, I was inspired to make some impactful pieces but more importantly I was inspired to continue to love, be kind, and cherish moments with loved ones...Oh and to WEAR A MASK!