Artist Marc Laney

Artist’s Statement

Positivity is very difficult right now. Each day presents us with renewed challenges. But for some people, these challenges have been ever-present. Folks have been struggling in the dark, struggling by themselves.

We have a unique opportunity right now to bring people together when they need us the most. We have a duty to do the greatest good.

With my work, I wanted to present the message “we’re all in this together”, without diluting the incredible need to give underserved people a voice. Coupled with this is the optimistic notion that we all can and indeed, deserve, to win.

My first set of assets feature a jumble of football players, carrying pennants of various interests. Pictured together, they form one amorphous blob of intent, parading shared goals.

Additional assets seek to further pursue the vernacular by presenting the message as an 1980s network television PSA. The pennants are absent, replaced by two perspectives of the blob of football players. The players are multi-colored, emphasizing diversity.

I hope this work sparks questions and leads to a larger dialogue.